Monday, July 20, 2009

Gala Apples

I painted the coffee cups for Terra's kitchen.



These are some 8 X 10 canvas paintings I did this weekend. They are intended for several house warming parties we have to attend. It is so different when you are painting something and looking at it up close, then when you see what you have painted in a picture. I should probably take pictures of my paintings before I am finished. It is a way to look at them more objectively. You can see flaws much clearer. So strange how this works! One thing I am not happy with is how large the texture if the canvas is, it is not very smooth. That is probably because these were very cheap and I was just experimenting. It is really hard to get your edges perfectly smooth when it is grainy! Unfortunately I can't fix these because I have already sealed them. Next time!!!!! (I am my own worst critic!)

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