Wednesday, November 12, 2008

<- This is one of the snowflakes I found for the wedding cake! It is two sided and beautiful, the picture does not do it justice! I think I got 4 different designs in all.

Wow! The Bazaar is over! WHEW! Now on to the wedding stuff. Here are some pictures of Mom and Nita and I at our table. It was fun.

Not very much traffic. So sales were not near as good as they could have bee, but all in all a good day.

Tomorrow will begin the wedding invitation Invitational! I will be assembling 330 wedding invitations and addressing the envelopes that will be hitting the mail next week. I will be very relieved when that happens. After that comes the sewing marathon! I am making 1 flower girls dress and velvet wrap, 1 Bridal fur wrap, 3 fur muffs and a partridge in a pear tree! After that the Floral extravaganza. Terra and Andrew's engagement announcement came out in the Belton Journal this past Thursday. I have yet to actually go buy a paper and see it! But everywhere I go here in town I am having people stop me and comment on it, so I know a lot of people have seen it, and I had someone drop off a gift at the house! YeaH!!!!

Travis has applied to the Air Force Academy, have no idea how that will turn out! He is doing great in Language school. I think from the way it sounds he is loving living in Monterrey. He has found a great church so that really helps.

Tessa came over day before yesterday. She has lost over 20 lbs and looks really good.

Toby, well he is holding his own. He is on the count down to his 16th Birthday and the Drivers license. He is really wanting a job, which I think is awesome. He seems to be having a much better year in school, at least compared to last year.

We had our First successful Life Group on Sunday night. It is a home group bible study for college students. We had originally planned it for Thursday night but that apparently is not a good night for the students. We had 3 weeks in a row with no one showing up. So we moved it to Sunday night and had 11 come. It was great. We are really looking forward to next week!

So all in all, the Days of Lives are going well. Just a little crazy and through it all we are trying to remember to focus our time, energy, money, on things that are eternal not temporal. Very hard to remember sometimes in all the craziness!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

My fingers have cramps!

These Mittens are probably my favorite! I have several and if any sell, I will personalize them for the buyer. Below are some grubbie candy canes. They are about 12 inches long and "sugared" with mica flakes and glass glitter.

. Been paintin' up a storm. I am really hoping some of this stuff sells. I am my own worst critic. I am staring at it and I think it looks o.k. and then I take pictures to post and I am looking at everything through the camera lense and yuck! I don't think anything looks good enough! Oh Well! cause I can't change it now and the Bazaar is on Sunday! Here are some pictures of some of the stuff. We shall see what happens!

Is there such a thing as to much glitter?