Friday, June 3, 2011

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Toby's room

I white washed the bathroom walls.

We moved the green furniture into the living room and took out the oak entertainment center out. I really like how it looks! I love my new faux mink throw. (I got it before I knew Mike was getting laid off!)

Poor Daisy, she follows me everywhere. Every time I look at her I see white paint in a new spot I had not seen before, when I was looking at this picture I noticed white paint on her hip that I hadn't seen yet.

Here are some more pictures of the house! Now we have to do major yard work. Thankfully it is beautiful fall weather!
Sun Porch, I recovered the cushions, I found this table and chairs in the dumpster!

This is the day bed on the sun porch, it has a trundle! Very comfy pillows! Very soft and fluffy, a perfect place to read a book on a sunny fall afternoon.

Here are the chairs across from the day bed, I recovered them as well.

I refinished the front door. I stained it Antique Cherry. I think it turned out great. I probably gone should have gone slower and sanded more, but oh Well, that is the story of my life!

WOW! What a month this has been! We started out October as usual. looking forward to the upcoming holiday season. And BAM! Life happens. You sometimes get blindsided! That is what happened to us this month. Mike got laid off from his job of 15 years. We know that God is in control and He has a plan for our lives. I would be lying if I said that it wasn't scary! So saying all that is leading up to this.

We have put the house up for sale! Right now it isn't on the open market. We just have it listed with a local realtor and her agents. So we have been doing major painting, cleaning, painting, cleaning, more painting! Lots of repairs! It is amazing how much work has to be done to sell one's home! So as boring as it is, I am posting pictures of all the work we have done. We have rearranged furniture, painted trim and in general just tried to spruce things up. This is how focused we have been. On the day of the Ft. Hood shooting, Terra called us from Nashville to ask us what was going on at Ft. Hood (which is 20 miles from us). We had been so busy that day we hadn't even paid attention to T.V. (we were watching America's Funniest Videos when she called) Who couldn't use a good laugh now and then!

Here are some pictures of the things we have done!

Monday, September 21, 2009


Check out my new recipe blog!!!!!


Terra got married in January and ever since she got married she has been calling me for recipes. So last week she came up with an idea. She wanted me to have a recipe blog, and the rest is history! She is so talented at setting up websites and making them look cute. She also set me up a website for all of my art work. I will have to set up a link for that! (or get her to do it!)

Anyway check it out and enjoy. I have only begun to enter in my favorite recipes so check back frequently the holidays are coming soon!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Gala Apples

I painted the coffee cups for Terra's kitchen.



These are some 8 X 10 canvas paintings I did this weekend. They are intended for several house warming parties we have to attend. It is so different when you are painting something and looking at it up close, then when you see what you have painted in a picture. I should probably take pictures of my paintings before I am finished. It is a way to look at them more objectively. You can see flaws much clearer. So strange how this works! One thing I am not happy with is how large the texture if the canvas is, it is not very smooth. That is probably because these were very cheap and I was just experimenting. It is really hard to get your edges perfectly smooth when it is grainy! Unfortunately I can't fix these because I have already sealed them. Next time!!!!! (I am my own worst critic!)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Travis!

Travis Jay Webb!
Happy 21st Birthday!
We are so proud of you!
April 26, 1988
Was a blessed day for our family!